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Where is version 2.5 ???

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it's on gamebanana

i have no intentions on releasing any builds newer then 2.0 here until 2.6 releases

ok stinky head


:skull: didn't expect you here

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I didn't fucking come to stalk or harass

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badrum. said you arent good lol

I beated this ! (FINALLY) 

Where's the 8th notebook ?

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Hey Captain Baldi?

I haven't played your mod all day but now? I played your mod but it's really cool that you add

Also, i uploaded it on YT

I don't care if i fail but it's okay for me?

Can you stop avoiding The Windows 10 Gaming? Here is his fixing reason:

1. I told him not to do clickbait video and now he is listening

2. He is not real BrawniestLine25? Trust me

3. He made a mod called ''Baldi's Basics Ultimate Edition'' on GameJolt

4. Unblock him on YT and GameJolt

5. I told him not to do bad things and now he is listening

-John Faransis

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Deleted 326 days ago

TheWin10Gaming Was Gone Forever

Lol what's that mod?


Does it support 32 bit or not ;]

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مقتدئ, You can use vmware/VirtualBox to download and install a (64bit) version of Windows, you can also watch other Youtube tutorial videos on how to install a 64bit version of Windows. If it's not possible, you can buy a new (64bit) PC. I recommend trying the first method first before buying a new 64bit PC.

This mod is a based game by: baldi's basics classic, baldi's basics full game public demo and baldi's basics In a classic texture mod.

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